AQcalc - Anion-Quadropole calculator in proteins

Weak molecular interactions play an important role in protein structure and function. Computational tools that identify weak molecular interactions are, therefore, valuable for the study of proteins. Here, we present AQcalc, a web server that can be used to identify anion-quadrupole (AQ) interactions, which are weak interactions involving aromatic residue (Trp, Tyr, and Phe) ring edges and anions (Asp, Glu, and phosphate ion) both within proteins and at their interfaces. AQcalc identifies AQ interactions as well as clusters involving AQ, cation-pi, and salt bridges, among others. utilizing AQcalc we analyzed weak interactions in protein models, even in the absence of experimental structures, to understand the contributions of weak interactions to deleterious structural changes, including those associated with oncogenic and germline disease variants.